Square Enix London

DevOps Engineer • Jan 2019 — Current

Liv3d Ltd.

Managing Director • Aug, 2018 — Apr 2019

This commpany is now been wrapped up.

Antstream Ltd

DevOps Engineer • Aug, 2017 — Dec 2018

Joined the small team at Antstream with a view to improve their existing setup and the processes.
During my time, some of the major changes I've managed to bring in are:

  • Improved monitoring and alerting process to become aware of any issues.
  • Automated building of iOS, Android and Windows UWP apps and worked to get builds within respective stores.
  • Ensure best practices are followed and enabled Two Factor Authentication where possible.
  • Removed redundant services and improved scalability of critical services.

Multiplay (UK) Ltd

DevOps • Mar, 2014 — Jul, 2017

  • Built a scalable cloud scaling system within VMWare
  • Automated the deployment of Windows Gameservers via both Packer and Puppet
  • Automated the deployment of Ubuntu using ZFS via both Packer and Puppet
  • Setup quality control code checks via Jenkins, Virtualbox and Docker
  • Created a customised solution to update over 1000 physical machines without a Puppet master
  • Project manager on a migration between Interxion and Telehouse, interacting with suppliers, both data centres and customers in order to ensure the migration was completed smoothly and on time.
  • Help to migrate a number of projects from svn to git, to help introduce peer reviews and improve code quality.

Multiplay (UK) Ltd

Systems Administrator • Aug, 2009 — Mar, 2014

  • Started to expand Multiplay from hosting services in 2 countries to also include being able to sell gaming services globally including in the America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.
  • Planned and implemented a migration from a 20 rack suite to a 5 rack high capacity colocation setup, moving from over 100 physical older spec machines to a 3 x 16 blade chassis.
  • Planned an install of SuperMicro's microcloud chassis within 3 countries to be completed within a 7 day period.
  • Downscaled a 2 rack colocation setup to a single rack while still providing the same redundancy
  • Setup and installed a PoP in Germany, dealing with ensuring that everything was delivered on time and working with the data centre remote staff to ensure this was completed within 24 hour on site period.
  • Worked with a number of publishers to provide support for during the development process and after launch including adding support of the game to Clanforge, the control panel used by Multiplay.
  • Provided on site support for publishers promoting games to both gaming journalists and at expo's. (e.g. EGX, Rezzed)
  • Part of the networking team for Multiplay's Insomnia Events, which had over 2000 customer facing ports.

Multiplay (UK) Ltd

First/Second line support • May, 2008 — Aug, 2009

  • First line support technician responsible for B2C, B2B and ADSL customers.
  • Dealing with customers via Phone, Live Chat and tickets/emails.
  • Worked with customers to setup their gameservers to their preferences
  • Helping with any ADSL issues including organised BT SPF Engineers to visit customers when applicable
  • Worked with customers to setup new ADSL installations



Windows, FreeBSD, CentOS, Ubuntu, Ansible, Puppet, Vagrant, Docker, ELK, Grafana, Jenkins, Jira, VMWare, XCode, iOS, Android


Batch, Shell scripting, Powershell, Ruby, Perl


MySQL, InfluxDB, Redis And Elastic Search


Google Compute, AWS and Azure

Game Credits

Titanfall 2 (2016)

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Titanfall 2 credits

Medal of Honor Warfighter (2012)

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Medal Of Honor Warfighter credits